Yemen – a country of variety

Variety is actually the countries wealth; the Romans rightly named it ARABIA FELIX – prosperous Arabia. Those who look for Yemen on a map usually think of it as a purely desert landscape. Of course, a large part of the country is covered by desert, but more defining are the high mountains with their famous terrace cultivation and the fruitful valleys where it is possible to harvest anything and that up to four times each year. The coastal lowlands with endless kilometres of fine sand, the islands situated in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, where a multitude of endemic species are to be found. The widespread branching system of fruitful canyons, which have buried themselves into the high-up rock plateaus of the Djol, and the thickly vegetated massif, that at the border to Oman and the east, breaks off steeply towards the ocean.

Even during a long trip, the eye will not be able to take in enough of the continuously occurring fresh sights. Animals and plants have adapted themselves to the various types of landscapes, and have also been cultivated and propagated by the human hand. All observers are easily able to see that the people of the country have also managed to adapt themselves to the existing conditions. Between the various regions, one is able to differentiate between faces, the colour of skin, clothing, jewellery, and behaviour. At markets around the country, it is often very easy to take a look at the insight of country and culture.

In particular, the earlier and current architecture provides impressive evidence of manifoldness. Turkish fortresses, multi-storey buildings made of baked clay bricks, quarry stone buildings without foundations proudly situated on top of mountains, palaces made of dried clay bricks…. In addition, to all of these things, evidence in form of well-preserved ruins showing that even in Yemen there had been advanced civilizations at the time when Pharaohs were at the climax of their might. It is not possible to do Yemen justice within a short piece of text. Not in vain have many repeatedly tried to capture the charm of Yemen within text and pictures. However, no matter how well and sensitively many may have managed to perform this task, one can only provide the advice of taking a trip to this fascinating country, thus enabling visitors to return home with many unforgettable impressions.

Fishing boats in Mukalla

Traditional jewellery

Dealer at the salt market


Windows in Hadramaut

Sana'aAl Mukalla