Hotels in Yemen

During the past few years, the increase of tourism in Yemen has also had consequences for the hotel situation – especially in larger towns such as Sana’a, Aden and Taiz, new hotels have been built in cooperation with international chains. Middle class hotels have also been able to fill in gaps at various locations, thus providing a distinctly larger choice of accommodation. As in the past, there are still only simple and typical for the country hostels to be found at smaller remote locations such as Kaukaban and Manacha. In these places, the guests are accommodated mainly in shared rooms, sometimes in the form of rows of mattresses and with collective showers.


Two to three star hotels can be found in the province capital cities of Hodeida , Hadja, Taiz or Mukalla, and also in Seyun or Sanaa. They offer single, double, and shared rooms, mainly with their own bathroom, shower, and WC. These hotels like to try to offer European dishes, but generally one should only expect culinary highlights at the typical “cook shops” when out and about. Apart from barbequed chicken, one is also able to discover many tasty surprises. Hotels in the old part of Sanaa withdraw themselves from international standards: They can be found in typical tower houses of the historically listed town – with everything that belongs to them: Steep staircases with irregular steps, low doorways, simple collective bathrooms (mainly for two to three rooms), cloths-hooks instead of wardrobes, and sometimes there is even the odd power cut. To compensate for all of this, they offer the incomparable atmosphere of the dreamlike ancient town.


In general, the standard of hotels, even that of the hotels belonging to international chains, cannot be compared with European and American standards. In Yemen , there is a lack of trained personnel able to guarantee the usual smooth running procedure of a four or five star hotel. However, one does becomes aware that they will always look after you, and always respond to your desires. Just forgive the small deficiencies of a country that in some ways is still in its infancy when it comes to tourism, you will be well rewarded by the beauty and originality of Yemen.

The following is a small choice of hotels:

4 to 5 Star Hotels:

Mövenpick Hotel, Sanaa – The newest of the capital city’s large hotels opened its doors in 2005. It is situated to the east above the town. Apart from being elegantly furnished, it offers large rooms, two pools, sauna, fitness centre, two restaurants, and a coffee shop.

Taj Sheba , Sanaa – the hotel with the Indian touch, lies in the bustling town centre within a short distance of the old town area. The rather small rooms have a bathroom, television and telephone, a pool in the small hotel garden offers refreshment. 

Holiday Inn, Mukalla – the hotel offers the best accommodation in the region and lies outside the town centre directly next to the beach. At the nearby diving centre, diving enthusiasts are able to book diving excursions to the underwater world.


Sofitel, Taiz – The Sofitel offers peace, quiet, and comfort, and is situated on top of a hill away from the lively town centre. Within a generous interior with shops, a lobby, and a cafeteria, the modern furnished rooms are grouped around various floors. A restaurant and pool round off the offer.


3 to 4 Star Hotels:

Al-Hawta Palace, between Schibam and Seyun – a typical palace in Hadramaut architectural style rebuilt as a traditional hotel. A garden, pool, and a restaurant belong to the facility, which has withdrawn itself from the standardised categorisation: The room furnishing has a Yemeni Hadramitish style, meaning for example, that wardrobes have been replaced by clothes-hooks, and the very low doorways require a bit of getting used to. However, many guests consider the al-Hawta as the most beautiful hotel in Yemen .

Al-Ahgaf Tourist Hotel, Seyun – This new hotel is situated close to the large palace of Seyun and the old and new markets. It offers simple but decent furnishing, a small garden with a small pool and a restaurant, which alternately serves European and Yemeni dishes.

Bilqis, Marib – The Bilqis, which is modelled on the outline of the ancient Awwam temple, offers the best accommodation on location. The large rooms have a bathroom/WC, television, and air conditioning; there is a pool within a protected inner courtyard. The service is friendly even though the quality does vary from time to time.


Taj Shamsan, Taiz – the friendly hotel lies only a short walking distance from the old town with its colourful bazaar alleys. The rooms have their own bathroom/WC, television, and air conditioning. During times of fine weather, one is able to eat meals on the roof terrace whilst enjoying the view.

Hotel information








MOEVENPICK HOTEL 5*SANA’A01 546 66601 546 000
SHERATON HOTEL 5*SANA’A01 237 500/501 251 521
TAJ SHEBA HOTEL 5*SANA’A01 272 37201 274 129
ROYAL SANA’A HOTEL 4*SANA’A01 601 81801 601 816
HADDA HOTEL 4*SANA’A01 415 212/4/501 412 543
MERCURE SANA’A HOTEL 4*SANA’A01 212 54401 212 487
SHAHRAN HOTEL 4*SANA’A01 425 841-001 418 324
ARABIA FELIX HOTEL 2*SANA’A01 287 33001 287 426
SAM CITY HOTEL 3*SANA’A01 276 294/5/801 275 168
HILLTOWN HOTEL 3*SANA’A01 278 426/901 278 427

SOFITEL HOTEL 5*TAIZ04 200 31104 200 312
TAJ SHAMSAN HOTEL 3*TAIZ04 236 518/5/604 236 513
AL MOUKHTAR HOTEL 3*TAIZ04 256 590-104 214 718
YEMEN TOURISM HOTEL 3*TAIZ04 253 222/33304 253 088

SHERATON GOLD MOHUR HOTEL 5*ADEN02 20 40 1002 205 158
ADEN HOTEL 5* ADEN02 232 91102 235 655
MERCURE ADEN HOTEL 4*ADEN02 238 66602 238 660
CRESCENT HOTEL 3*ADEN02 203 471/302 204 597
ADEN02 201 590-5
02 202 055
02 201 082
AL SHAMI HOTEL 3*ADEN02 236 864-802 236 869

AL HAWTA PALACE HOTEL 4*SAYUNE05 425 010/1/205 425 013
AL AHGAF TOURIST HOTEL 3*SAYUNE05 408 666/7/805 408 669
SEIYUN PLAZA HOTEL 3*SAYUNE05 400 791-605 400 794
05 405 390
05 403 623
BMC HOTEL 3*SAYUNE05 428 04005 428 042

HOLIDAY INN HOTEL 4*MUKALLA05 306 16005 306 150
HADHRAMAUT HOTEL 3*MUKALLA05 302 060 05 303 441/2 05 303 134
RAYBOON CITY HOTEL 3*MUKALLA05 303 606-1005 304 211

AMBASSADOR HOTEL 3* HODEIDAH03 230 85403 230 808
03 213 009
03 247881-6
03 213 008
TAJ AWSAN HOTEL 3* HODEIDAH03 235 275/403 235 277
03 362 770/1
01 421 020

BILQIS HOTEL 4*MARIB06 302 374-706 302 371
AL JANATEIN HOTEL 2*MARIB06 302 310/106 302 306

AL MAHWEET HOTEL 3*MAHWEET07 404 767/8/907 404 591

HAFFIJ HOTEL 3* SUQATRA05 660 46905 660 633
AL JAZZERAH HOTEL 2*SUQATRA05 660 445-705 660 443

QALAH AL BITHA HOTEL 2* AL BAITHA06 533 996 /3/7/8 06 534 000

GHAMDAN HOTEL 3* HAJJA 07 220 420/107 220 423
HAJJA HOTEL 2*HAJJA07 220 285/19607 220 285

Taj Plaza Hotel 3*Al Ghaidha05 610 60205 610 601


Bilqis Hotel in Marib

Holiday Inn Hotel in Mukalla