Towns & Socotra Island

Distances between the most important towns (Download)

Yemen is divided into several large regions, each having its own culture, landscape, and architectural imprint. African influences are to be found within the coastal villages along the Red Sea. The towered houses made of quarry stone, situated on the steep mountainsides of the 3000-metre high towering range of mountains, seem to have grown into the rocky underground. Sana‘as master builders impress with an ornamental fantasy, which lends the facades of the old towns houses their unmistakable appearance. To the north and beyond the desert, air-dried clay bricks are still used to this very day to build impressive residential castles. Visitors are not only fascinated by the Shibam in Wadi Hadramaut, which has been protected by the UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage, there are also places full of history and culture spread out across the entire country.