The countries most important harbour, which has been extended to a large free trade area, is situated near the former capital city of South Yemen. Plans for the future are very ambitious: It is here that the regions largest container port is to be developed. Of interest to tourists, is the residential quarter “crater”, which has been set up within an extinct volcano. Enormous cisterns – Saharidj – can be found here, which in earlier days, ensured Aden’s water supplies. Nowadays, water is channelled from the Wadi Tuban into the towns. Above the cisterns stand the remains of the “tower of silence”, which was used during British occupation by the Parsee stationed here, to bury their dead. The remains of an old fortress wall are situated around the perimeter of the old part of town; a fortress is situated above the small fishing port. The town’s oldest mosque is devoted to their patron saint, Al-Aidarus. His mausoleum, which is situated directly next to the lord’s house, can be visited outside time of prayer and festive seasons, that is providing one is wearing the appropriate clothing. The Gold Mohur Beach, at which several hotels have been built, is considered to be the town’s most beautiful beach. An emblem of former British occupation towers above the old harbour: the Little Big Ben.


Beach in Aden


Cisterns of Aden