Altawilah & Mahweet


The long – at-Tawila – stretches along the foot of three striking rock formations at a height of 2700 metres. The weekly market held on Wednesday and Sundays became famous after the Yemen exhibitions of Munich and Amsterdam: At these exhibitions, the many small stalls had been reconstructed true to scale, giving many visitors an authentic impression of life in Yemen. The surrounding area of at-Tawila also offers hikers worthwhile excursions.


Mahweet is a small provincial capital city in the north west of the country. It is well worth taking a look at the historical centre of the town, but the indisputable most important attraction is a visit to the nearby Vulture Rock”. There the solid rock drops 800 metres down to Wadi la´a. Along the ridge are numerous hamlets and small villages similar to castles. The view reaches far into the Wadi to Banana and Papaya plantations, and also to the thousands of small fields of terrace cultivation.