Taiz & Jibblah


Taiz is one of the countries most lively towns, which before the reunion of the two Yemeni countries, was because of its economical importance for a long time seen as the secret capital city of the north. Taiz still remains one of the important economical centres, which amongst other things has led to an immense building boom during the past few years. The Mosques within the old town, which lies below the Al-Qahira citadel, belong to the most magnificent in the country. A trip up the local mountain Djabal, which rises steeply above the town, offers an impressive view across Taiz.


The small picturesque town of Jibblah became famous as the place of location of queen Arwa bint Ahmed. The town is situated on a basalt-cone in the middle of the greenest and most fruitful provinces of Yemen. The locations landmarks are the two minarets of the Arwa-Mosque that had been built by order of the queen, who in fact reigned for over 50 years.


Queen Arwa mosque

Queen Arwa mosque 

Aljanad mosque in Taiz

Al Shrafya mosque in Taiz